Scissors, Paper, Splat!
Starring these models:
"The classic game, with very messy results!"

Lady Jasmine and Nurse Wendy-Household play Scissors, Paper, Stone.

Lady Jasmine weard: Black combat trousers, black long-sleeve shirt, green wellies. Nurse Wendy-Household wears: Navy-blue nurses uniform dress, white nurses belt, blue PVC clogs. This is the classic approach to two-person gunging, as pioneered by the Japanese experts. Lady Jasmine and Nurse Wendy-Household play Scissors, Paper, Stone with each other, the winner of each bout getting to apply a little gunge to the loser. Well, at least until Nurse W-H proves to be uncommonly good at the game, wherupon it's decided that if anyone gets more than four-in-a-row, they automatically lose and the other person gets to gunge them!

Eventually the ladies abandon the game and tackle each other in a glorious all-out frenzy on the floor, completely drenching any remaining clean bits of each other's outfits till they are both completely coated and utterly drenched.

A nice simple concept and a whole lot of fun: enjoy!

Note the videos are silent, as we usually have copyright music playing during our shoots.

This set includes both the video and photoset of the gunge session, and the video and photos of the fully-clothed hose-down.

File count:4
Total size:1.01 GB
Runtime:47 mins, 27 secs
Product ID:gm-2f13
Scene ID:1145
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