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"Lovely Maude plays in thick river mud and gets totally covered up"
Great video of beautiful Maude, working herself up and down the muddy riverbanks many times, getting more and more engulfed in mud.

She gets muddy beyond recognisability, her face also covered-up. Comes with a extra video of the shower and hundreds of hi-res picture. Great! c3001, 2/15/19
"Washing your hair"
Love the video of sexy lady washing her hair with a hose pipe and wearing a boiler suit which is getting very wet. Love the footwear. Stigwilliams, 10/17/18
"Suit filling with custard and cream. Pity no back pockets use"
Hi. Love the video and lady is sexy when she is cover in custard. And when she puts on Boilersuit with custard comes all out. It is a pity that when she full chest pockets with custard that never full back pockets. That be interest when you sit down on a cake custard goes everywhere all over the bum. It would be fun. Kind regards Stig Williams. Stigwilliams, 10/15/18
"A big pack of pictures worth the money"
As this is not a video I just going to give this download a "medium" rate. But you sure do get a lot of pics for the price of only 5 usd. In the pics we see the beautiful model Maude in a very cute wedding dress. we do get a number of beautiful, even romantic looking pictures before the girl Chastity steps into action an begins to soak the bride down whit lots and lots of cola. (And it's just about then I really wish that this had been a video instead). after the cola soaking the dress is seetrough, revealing the black undewear. Maude then steps into the river and stays there for the rest of the picture serie, doing some good soaking actions. The picture quaulity is very good in this pack but it might annoy some that a better part of the pics is rotated at a 45 degree angle. Live whit it or correct it. Ilovmessy, 9/9/18
"Simple but excellent video"
in this video the beautiful model Maude walks into a river wearing a wonderful weddingdress. The water really seems to be cold and by reading the video description we know it's so. Maude also tells us just how cold she feels. But she is a fighter and still carrys on whit her swimming and posing for about 10 minutes and she does it very well. For a lover of wetlook and weddingdresses this is a must! I will say that this is a very nice video whit excellent picture quality and very good audio. The only thing I would have wished for would be a closer zoom but it's OK as it is. Ilovmessy, 9/9/18
"A greate messing of a beautiful dress!"
As I do not have any issues whit seeing a weddingdress being wet or messy, just ripped or torn, I do love this video. Especially as the gown looks fantastic and the girl wearing it is very beautiful as well. I really do like the wamming in this video and the girl in the green dress does a good job pouring. Picture and sound quality is very good. What I really do miss is a hose down scene but you can not always have everything in life. (And at the end of the day I just could have the video and the pics, not the dress itself). The tempo of the video is a little slow but I guess it's just me being impatient. My rating of this video is "Excellent" and it was well worth the money. Ilovmessy, 9/1/18
"Lots of cola, almost a high score video!"
I really did enjoy this video as it's contains elements of my interest. Starting by the use of cola, a substance that I have not seen very much of so far. The action is great even if I have preferred a more of the liquid being poured inside of the suit instead of on the outside. (Maybe a lot of cola did went inside but I have to go through the picture gallery to check that). The model seemed to have a lot of fun anyway and it's almost a shame that there is no sound because I do think she did do a lot of noises that would have shown that. But reading the description I sure understand and respect the producers decision to remove the soundtrack. Last but not least I want to send a word of approval to the one who did pick out the formal gowns for Lady R and Wendy H. And, being the satin lover that I am, I'm of cause very grateful that nothing bad did happen to them. To sum this all up I would give this video a very good rating. Whit sound I would call it "Excellent" but now I only call it "A great scene." Ilovmessy, 9/1/18
"Right outfit for mud adventure"
She has right outfit for mud adventure. White pullover with long sleeves, military style trousers and funny fake Dr. Martens with high heels. Video comes in three parts: in first part, she get's her outfit muddy, in second part she get's her hair and face muddy and in third part she just have muddy adventure. I was expecting she to go to wash herself in lake but seems, that this part isn't included. veikoh, 12/23/17
"Be aware, no audio"
Please be aware before purchasing that the video doesn't have audio. It is in the description, but I didn't bother reading.

Still a pretty good clip regardless. ABGamma, 6/10/16
"Boiler-suited babe"
I dont usually go for food-based wam, i prefer real gunge, but I love boiler suits on women and Maude is so pretty and looks really cute in a pair of overalls. She really enjoys filling the boiler suit and smearing the mess all over herself. There are additional videos showing her showering clean then removing her overalls to reveal a leotard which looks really hot on her. I would love to see Maude wearing boiler suits again or maybe its about time to get her into a pair of dungarees and being covered in real gunge? overallsfann, 4/16/16
"Just beautiful"
Beautiful model in a great boilersuit. The boilersuit fits perfectly on her body. Love the whole scene. Thank you Chastity. Coverall, 1/31/16
This clip just ticks all boxes, syrup, custard, filling, wellies, cake sitting, coverage, pvc, and the two girls are absolutely beautiful. You really can ask for more, i'll be certainly downloading part two after this, mark my words. Absolutely phenomenal! And to top it all off its in HD! sweet_messy_fan, 10/26/15
"Pvc, custard, clothes filling all in excess, 9/10"
In my opinion, this is one of the best videos I have ever watched, it combines my favourite things, clothes filling, custard and pvc/waterproofs. There isn't a little bit of custard or sploshing, there is lots, it just keeps going until they are both completely covered head to toe. I mean the whole shoot lasts about 30 minutes!

Easy buy

9/10 Gunge Man, 10/14/15
"Wonderful to see custard filling of a smart uniform"
I love filling smart uniforms, elegant office wear and business suits. This was wonderful.

If I had been shooting the scene, I would have kept filling the uniform rather than cover the outside of i. I would also have got the girl to raise her arms, and then pour a box or two of custard into each sleeve. When the girl was "full", I would have got her to squeeze the custard out through the neck and sleeves to cover the outside of the uniform. And then of course roll around in the mess on the floor.

Rather than follow the custard with some liquid, I might have added some other gunge, like syrup or treacle. But they are my preferences, and not necessarily those of others. earthrod, 4/17/15
"Don't wait. Add this to your collection now."
First off let me say I'm not usually an overalls kind of guy, but after watching the trailer I had to have this download. Veronica is gorgeous. Very sexy with a great body and a great personality. She really loves the mud and it shows. There are short bouts where she throws mud towards the camera and it literally makes you feel like you are there. The mud is fantastic and it covers Veronica well. The full coverage parts in part three are perfect. After checking out the pics, I only wish more video was shot with her in her bathing suit as well. Totally worth the wait! Please shoot with Veronica again soon! mafiasentinal65, 1/18/15
"there's no sound and the camera's zoomed wayyy out."
there's no sound and the camera's zoomed wayyy out. wetsnowpants, 1/17/14
"love watching you both getting messed up, especially dresses."
A really great video, love the scene of you both getting wet and muddy. Looks like you were having a great time. These type of videos are well worth the watch, I love them, Well done, great fun to watch, well done to the both of you. watathrill, 1/13/12
"Lots of pics, and an unlikely pairing."
Here is a photos-only scene featuring Lady Jasmine, a bespectacled, thin, older woman, and Maiden, who looks to be a tall, natural brunette. Set up in a basement with purple walls, they both have on pink beast-cancer-awareness wellington boots. Maiden has on a navy blue baggy coverall tucked into her boots, and Lady Jasmine has on a navy blue skirt and patterned light blue shirt. Maiden has gauged ears with black plugs in. This set has over 1032 pictures, many of them pretty redundant, but they they give you real insight to the action at the shoot.

They both post for a bunch of before-shots before Maiden pours vanilla custard from a box directly into Lady Jasmine's boots. There's little reaction from Lady Jasmine, but Maiden seems to be enjoying it. She fills them both all the way to the top until they overflow. Lady Jasmine returns the favor by covering the outside of one of Maiden's boots with the custard.

Maiden then pours custard over Lady Jasmine's lap, and Lady Jasmine pours custard inside of Maiden's coveralls and zippers them back up. We get to see Maiden's chest tattoo. We get plenty of "aftermath" shots after each serving of wam.

Now Maiden coats Lady Jasmine's light blue shirt with custard, and then Lady Jasmine pours custard over Maiden's head. Maiden shows a variety of expressions, from crazy faces to disbelief that she's getting wammed! After some more in-between shots, Maiden dumps custard down Lady Jasmine's skirt and we see it drip down to the floor between her feet. Then she covers her back. Then Lady Jasmine covers Maiden's back with more yellow stuff and rubs it in.

Next, maiden finally gets Lady Jasmine's head covered; Lady Jasmine's glasses never come off. Then Lady Jasmine fills a boot up with custard and dumps it over Maiden's head. Maiden once again sticks her tongue out, showing off her piercing. After another boot-full down Maiden's front, the two have a little wrestling session. They also pour more boot-fuls of custard on each others backs.

They then hug each other while at the same time rubbing the custard into each others clothes. They pose for some more pics, then Maiden dives onto the floor to writhe in the pudding some more, then they wrestle again.

The two girls end the shoot by hosing each other off while standing in a bucket. Maiden removes her coveralls to reveal her royal blue one-piece bathing suit, but Lady Jasmine stays fully covered for her shower.

This is a decent, non-sexual scene featuring an unlikely pairing of models. We get full coverage (although not much on the faces), and the yellow custard shows up well on the dark blue, matching outfits. The pictures are clear enough, although there is motion blur on the moving/wrestling bits. It's refreshing that they've left most of those types of pics in though. , 10/13/09
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