Extra-maiden Oil!
Starring the following model:
"Oiling up the slave-girl!"

Following her move from Darkest Peru to England, Maiden has had to forgo the regular health-giving hot-spring mud baths she was used to, but Nurse Wendy-household has just the thing to provide the same benefits: a carefully applied oil shower. So Maiden slips into one of her favourite outfits, with a cap to keep the oil away from her face, and sits calmly while the ever-efficient nurse slowly and carefully drenches her from the head down in bottle after bottle of smooth golden corn oil.

Wendy pours the oil onto Maiden's cap first, from where it splashes and flows down her boilersuit front and onto her legs, soaking into her suit's trunk. Later bottles are poured or pumped directly over Maiden's outfit, including a little poured inside her suit at the neck.

The reviving fluid soon does it's job, and pretty soon Maiden is writing about on the floor in pleasure in her utterly saturated costume, while Wendy pours on yet more oil. And Maiden's skin feels wonderful afterwards too!

Technical: There is no sound on this video as we had copyright music playing in the background while we recorded it.

This particular set is dedicated to Hayley from Splosh, who gave us the inspiration to do it in the first place. Maiden's own words: "It'll be a pleasure!."

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