The Little Green Suit
Starring the following model:
"Bodysuit filling fun!"

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The Little Green Suit: An ideal gunge-bathing outfit?

Lady Jasmine wears an army green sleeveless body suit, black long-sleeve t-shirt, black tights, blue plastic clogs. Right from the moment Lady Jasmine first laid eyes on this outfit she knew that teamed with the right accessories it'd be perfect for gunge-bathing. The neckline and breast pockets just call out to have some nice thick goo poured in, while the rolled-leg shorts are clearly meant to allow any gunge that is poured in at the neck to run out and flow in plain sight down the wearer's legs. With a long-sleeved t-shirt and dark tights to finish the outfit off, it makes for great custard-wear.

Lady Jasmine starts slowly, first she takes her shoes off, fills them, and slips them back onto her feet. Then a little gunge into each pocket, though she manages to miss with the right hand one and gets a lovely thick streak of yellow all down the front of the costume before emptying a couple of cartons down the inside, from where the thick yellow liquid soon flows out onto her tights and down her shapely legs. While gunge is still dripping from inside, she subjects the suit to an alternative take on her favourite "sitting in a tray of goo" approach, sitting reverse-astride the chair-back as she lowers her still-clean bottom into the full tray of custard.

She goes on to thoroughly drench her entire outfit in yellow mess, finally relaxing only when every last inch has been thoroughly slimed, and including full hair and face coverage.

Here's custard in your suit!

Technical: There is no sound on this video as we had copyright music playing in the background when we filmed it.
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