Rose's Revenge!
Starring these models:
"Veronica's turn to get very, very messy!"

There is a tradition at Saturation Hall that following any initiation ceremony, the initiate is permitted, encouraged even, to exact revenge, to 'get their own back' on whoever initiated them. This is a tradition which Veronica Ravenblack is thoroughly in favour of, and so it's with almost unholy glee that Veronica welcomes Rose, now dressed in a smart uniform, as beloved of many of the Hall's residents, back to the dungeon, and still in her spotlessly clean explorer's outfit, submits herself to be gunged by Rose.

Veronica wears black combat trousers, back swimsuit, and Catterpillar boots. Rose, who stays mostly clean, wears a navy blue knee length skirt and pale blue blouse.

Rose treats Veronica to:

Trouser filling, front and back.

Swimsuit filling.

Full-on custard facial

Full custard shampoo of her very long hair

Total clothes gunging, ending with Veronica lying in a pool of goo on the very messy floor while Rose pours even more gunge all over her.

A second custard facial while Veronica is lying on the floor!

The second zip file contains the hosedown photos, where Veronica is hosed down by Rose. Rose's uniform skirt gets somewhat wet during the hosing.

Note that due to music playing in the background when we recorded this scene, there is no sound on the video.

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Year produced:2008
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