Savoury Dungaree Filling
"Lady Amaranth's overalls filled with beans and soup"

File count:5
Total size:2 GB
Total runtime:27 mins, 53 secs
Date added:6/03/17
Year produced:2015
Product ID:gm-2f152
Scene ID:21658
How much mess can we fit into Lady Amaranth's green dungarees and uniform shirt? This is the kind of question we like to answer here, and so Lady-A willingly volunteers for a spectacular savoury sliming, at Felicity's hands. She starts with beans. Lots and lots of beans, can after can tipped into the bib of her ladyship's green overalls. After a few pours, damp stains start to show between her legs as the bean sauce starts to soak through the fabric, but Felicity doesn't think it's really happening fast enough, so in go the cans of tomato soup to help spread the wetness! Then, while she's still sitting in the large pool of mess in her overalls, Lady-A has her left welly filled to the brim with soup, while her right one is removed, filled with chopped spaghetti, and she's made to put her foot back into it, squidging spaghetti and sauce everywhere before neatly tucking her overalls trouser leg back into the mess--it wouldn't do to have her trousers untucked, even if they are completely flooded with sauce. Without standing up she spins round on her seat and Felicity pours even more beans and soup down the back of Lady Amaranth's shirt, to collect in her dungarees and spread the sauce-mess even further. Eventually, with her overalls absolutely full of mess, her ladyship turns back to the front and then stands up, sending the vast pool of mess that's accumulated around her seat cascading down inside her trouserlegs to get trapped against her already filled wellies. She turnd round so we can see the terrible mess of her overalls, and steps out of her boots to allow the trapped mess in her legs to escape. Now soaking wet in bean sauce and soup from the waist down, Lady Amaranth sits back down to have the remaining clean areas of her outfit drenched in sauce, her hair shampooed with soup and spaghetti, and finally baked beans poured down over her face to finish off the mess. How much mess can her overalls hold? Unfortunately we and her ladyship were enjoying the mess too much to keep count, so you'll need to download the scene to find out!

Technical: There is full original sound on both videos. Video 1 is the savoury gunging, while video 2 is the hose-down, with Lady A still in her sauce-and-soup-soaked dungarees. You also get over 600 high-resolution photographs shot on a dslr camera.
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