Savoury Swimsuit and Shorts Filling
Starring the following model:
"Lady Jasmine likes her beans!"

Wearing a deliberately casual, slightly scruffy outfit of dark blue swimsuit, black shorts, and partly muddy rubber boots, Lady Jasmine re-enters the dungeon after a previous scene, and standing in the spilled custard still on the floor, fills her swimsuit, shorts, and boots with baked beans and chopped spaghetti.

First she pours several cans of beans into her swimsuit until the front of it is nicely soaked in bean-juice, and then she starts to pour cans of chopped spaghetti into her shorts, letting it flow out an down her legs towards her boots, before pouring more straight into her boots.

Then she deliberately sits down in the mixed mess, takes one rubber boot off, pours beans into it, and then puts it back on.

Lying back, she pours more spaghetti over the front of her shorts, using her hands to spread it over the fabric, before standing up to show off the mess she's been sitting in on her bottom, and then pouring another can of beans inside the back of her shorts.

Then she sits down again, and gives herself a baked bean shampoo and facial, all while keeping her glasses on!

Shot in 2005 at 3.1 megapixels, there are 258 images in this set.

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