Savoury Maude 2
Starring the following model:
"Our chamberwench takes a soup and beans bath in her workwear then leotard!"

Once before Maude gave herself a savoury drenching in her smart uniform, now she's decided to repeat the experience twice, this time in her workwear blue boilersuit and blue wellies--and then again in just the tight black Spandex leotard she's wearing underneath!

She starts with soup poured into the front of her suit, quickly followed by more down the back: watch her wiggle as it drenches her bottom! More soup and then beans are added, and eventually tomato juice too, until her outfit and hair have been reduced to a savoury-drenched mess. In which she plays, rolling on the floor, dragging her already messy hair through the pool of beans and soup, and scooping up great handfuls of mess to pour over her already-soaked outfit.

Eventually she gets hosed down, still in the boilersuit and boots. Once the worst of the mess has been washed off it, she takes the boilersuit off to reveal the dance leotard she's wearing underneath. She then fills and covers the leotard with yet more soup, front and back, before being hosed down again, in just boots and leotard this time.

File count:6
Total size:2 GB
Total runtime:30 mins, 59 secs
Date added:3/14/16
Year produced:2012
Product ID:gm-2f106
Scene ID:17472
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"Boiler-suited babe"
overallsfann  4/16/16

I dont usually go for food-based wam, i prefer real gunge, but I love boiler suits on women and Maude is so pretty and looks really cute in a pair of overalls. She really enjoys filling the boiler suit and smearing the mess all over herself. There are additional videos showing her showering clean then removing her overalls to reveal a leotard which looks really hot on her. I would love to see Maude wearing boiler suits again or maybe its about time to get her into a pair of dungarees and being covered in real gunge?

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