The Mud Rider in Jodhpurs
Starring the following model:
"Rosemary wears her beautiful cream jodhpurs into the mudbanks!"

Rosemary is Lady Jasmine's chief horsewoman and head groom at the Saturation Hall stables. An experienced mistress of horse, she knows just how to dress to impress in the equestrian field, and looks absolutely stunning in her tight fitting cream jodhpurs, white shirt, black jacket, and black Dunlop wellington boots, with her lovely red hair blazing down her back. Doesn't she look smart!

But not for much longer! She walks boldly into the mudbanks, and before long her jodhpurs start to suffer as she sits down in the lovely sloppy muck. Carefully she covers more and more of her outfit in beautiful riverbank clay, playing, sliding, slithering, and loving every moment as she reduces her smart outfit to a mud-coated mess.

Her face and hair don't escape either, those beautiful red locks succumbing to a tide of thick mud, and her lovely features similarly engulfed.

By the end of the scene Rosemary is totally drenched in mud from head to toe, and totally loving the feeling of being completely muddy.

Technical: The videos in this scene have full original sound. As well as the videos you also get a high-resolution still photoset. As with all our mud scenes, this one was shot up close and personal with the camera operator right in the mud with Rosemary.

File count:5
Total size:2 GB
Runtime:12 mins, 36 secs
Product ID:gm-2m30
Scene ID:24945
Includes these files:
139 photos
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135 photos
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141 photos
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33 photos
231.31 MB
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10,400 Kbps
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12.6 minutes
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