PVC Mud Sliding!
Starring the following model:
"Chastity takes to the mudbanks in PVC jeans"

Chastity loves sliding about in the mud, so for added slideability, she decided to go for a play dressed in a beautiful pair of shiny black PVC jeans, which she teamed with a shiny thin jacket and huge New Rock boots.

She steps into the mud, sits down, lowering her beautiful shiny black trousers--squelch--into the envoloping mud, and proceeds to have loads of fun sliding down and crawling back up the mud-slopes. She gets completetly coated in mud, including smearing it on her face towards the end.

Part way through she opens her jacket so the Spandex bodysuit she's wearing beneath it can get covered in mud as she slides too.

Unusually the field behind the mudbanks was full of curious cows when we arrived, there are a couple of shots of Chastity posing in front of them, she on the mud, they in the field, at the start of the scene.

Technical: There is full original sound on this scene. As with all Langstonedale mud videos, this was shot up close and personal with the photographer right in the mud with Chastity, so lots of squelchy sound effects and close-up detail with no zooming.

File count:5
Total size:2 GB
Runtime:21 mins, 24 secs
Product ID:gm-2m09
Scene ID:24671
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