Quickie: Milk in Black PVC!
"Chastity fills and covers her all-pvc outfit in lots of milk"

Watch as Chastity drenches herself in milk while dressed black PVC jeans and a lace-up PVC top, with huge boots and no underwear. She fills her jeans, and the milk leaks out through the seams, fills and covers her top, and then when Chastity is well saturated Felicity calmly walks into the scene with a pink bucket full of milk and pours it all over Chastity's head in a single big pour.

This was originally a bonus extra scene for members. It's short, but all-action, we see Chastity pour a full carton of milk down inside the front of her jeans, another inside the back, both while standing up, and then a third inside and all over the front of her top and jeans while sitting down. And then Felicity appears and deluges Chastity with an entire bucket of milk over the top of her head and down her front before calmly walking out of shot.

Technical: The video has full original sound.

As well as the video you also get over 100 very high-resolution still photos of the action, shot on a professional Nikon camera.

File count:2
Total size:524.89 MB
Runtime:2 mins, 3 secs
Product ID:gm-2q013
Scene ID:24527
Includes these files:
114 photos
439.3 MB
sizes may vary
5,824 Kbps
85.58 MB
2.1 minutes
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