Custard in Colour!
Starring the following model:
"Lady Rose does art with custard"

File count:3
Total size:1.3 GB
Runtime:30 mins, 3 secs
Product ID:gm-2f70
Scene ID:5947
Take a pretty girl in royal blue overals and pink wellies, and leave her in the dungeon with lots of custard. What could possibly go wrong?

When the young lady in question is our own Lady Rose, the answer is lots!

She started out innocently enough, just a little custard down the inside of her suit, just to enjoy the feeling of it flowing inside her clothes. I mean who would ever know she had a kilo of yellow goo sliding about inside her suit? But then she got a bit carried away, and that big bucket of bright red dyed custard was just begging to be played with, and how could she resist coating one boot in black treacle, and the other in golden syryp, just to see how they looked, you know, for art and all that?

She ends up just a tad messy. Probably going to need a fairly thorough hose-down after that. Perhaps even a taking her boilersuit off and being hosed down in her swimsuit kind of thing.

Technical: The download includes over 700 photos and a full length video of Rose messing herself up, plus over 200 photos of her hosing herself down afterwards, starting still fully-dressed in the boilersuit and wellies, then taking her boots off and stripping down to just the zebra-print swimsuit she's wearing under her overalls, which she carries on hosing herself in.
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