Rainwear and Denim in Custard!
Starring these models:
"Morgana and Scarlet destroy each other in waterproofs and denim"

File count:8
Total size:2 GB
Total runtime:1 hours, 1 min, 30 secs
Date added:10/04/17
Year produced:2014
Product ID:gm-2f167
Scene ID:24509
Take two beautiful and willing young women, dress them in denim outfits, then waterproofs, and then give them lots of custard and rice-pudding to play with, and this is what happens!

Redhead Morgana wears high waist blue jeans, with large turn-ups, over a black swimsuit, with white and grey plimsolls. Curly-haired blonde Scarlet wears a well-fitting vintage blue denim jumpsuit, with transparent wellies. Over her clothes Morgana wears a 1970s transparent PVC raincoat with a bold printed flower design in blues and greens, while Scarlet wears a pink Nylon rain cape. Both girls are ready for the weather, but somehow we doubt that their waterproofs will save them from the deluge of custard and rice pudding to come!

Morgana is first for the treatment, happily holding her beautifully clean jeans out for Scarlet to fill with several cartons of custard poured down inside at the front, a little of it flowing out of the leg bottoms and all over her shoes. Once her jeans are well filled she turns round and allows Scarlet to fill the see-through hood of her PVC coat with custard and rice pudding, and once it's nicely full Scarlet puts it up and plonks it onto Morgana's head, from where lots of the contents flow down inside her coat, covering her swimsuit and jeans in mess. Morgana happily submits to having this done several times, with one of the later pours Scarlet arranges for the hood contents to flow down Morgana's back inside the see-through coat, so we can watch the trapped mess coating her back and the back of her jeans, with Morgana pulling at the coat to spread and smear the mixed custard and rice pudding further over her clothes.

Scarlet has remained all nice and clean and dry while she was messing up Morgana, but she knows it's her turn next, and calmly submits to her own messy fate, taking Morgana's place in the pool of spilled mess her own Nylon cape is soon getting filled and covered with custard and pudding, as is the lovely blue denim outfit she's wearing underneath it.

Both girls enjoy getting messy and have a fantastic time reducing each other to messy ruin, lots of laughs and smiles as their outfits are steadily engulfed by the custard, and helping each other to fill their clothes. They both get full messy shampoos at each other's hands too, and end up utterly drenched in goo from head to toe.

Technical: All the videos have full original sound. With this download you get three videos of the two girls messing each other up, plus one of the hosedown afterwards, with both still dressed in their custard-soaked denim gear, plus four zip files of very high-resolution photos.
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