The Meaning Of Pie
Starring these models:
"Honeysuckle and Rosemary mix Pi with Pie"

File count:7
Total size:2 GB
Total runtime:36 mins, 2 secs
Date added:9/13/17
Year produced:2016
Product ID:gm-2g014
Scene ID:22087
Honeysuckle likes pie. She also likes Pi, to the point that she's memorised the first 100 digits after the decimal point. And now, with Rosemary's help, she's mixing the two.

Beautifully-dressed in black shiny satin-finish lace-side jeans, black mesh see-through top over a black swimsuit, and wonderful calf-high black rubber / suede boots with fluffy tops, Honeysuckle sits down on a chair in the dungeon and starts to recite Pi. At which point Rosemary, in red check mini-dress and knee-high black stockings, plants a nice squishy pie in Honeysuckle's face. This is repeated several times, with more and more pie residue dripping and flowing down to collect in Honeysuckle's lap. Those pristine satin jeans are soon getting rather messy!

After a while the recitation of Pi is abandoned and Rosemary sets about destroying an all too willing Honeysuckle with yellow and pink gunge, including having her sit in trays full of goo and pouring streams of it inside her see-through top so we can watch it flow down within.

Honeysuckle's lovely long black hair isn't spared either, the areas of her hair that weren't messed up by the pies get a very thorough drenching in carefully poured gunge before Rosemary has finished with her.

Eventually Honeysuckle has been reduced to a wet and gooey mess from her head to her feet, and those fancy boots don't escape the treatment either. Meanwhile Rosemary remains pristine and untouched by so much as a splash of gunge. Clearly this state of affairs can't remain, so she willingly submits while Honeysuckle gets her own back, which she does with merry abandon.

By the end of the scene both girls are utterly drenched in mess from head to toe.

Technical: There is full original sound on all the videos. With this download you get the 27 minute main messy scene in two parts, plus a short video of the two girls, covered in mess, receiving multiple buckets of water thrown over them full-force from off-camera, and then a video of the hose-down clean up. You also get 899 high-res photos of the messy section of the scene. The videos and photos are shot to ensure you can see all the action, including the mess dripping down and collecting in Honeysuckle's lap as she is pied.
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Zip file of 313 photos
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