Wetting the Waterproofs
"Chastity demonstrates the Saturation Hall approach to rainwear"

Apparently some people use waterproof rainwear in order to keep themselves dry. To us at Saturation Hall, this is a strange idea, who would want to stay dry when then could be lovely and wet? Nevertheless, waterproof clothes can be great fun to wear, especially when milk and water are added.

So in this release, Chastity demonstrates exactly how you should treat your waterproof clothing for the maximum wet and messy fun. She has water thrown over herself, fills her jacket and swimsuit with milk, has more milk and a full bucket of water poured into her trousers by Felicity, has her jacket hood filled with water and the full hood splashed onto her head, and has a full bucket of water poured over her hooded head while sitting down.

Needless to say, after the barrage of milk and water, some self inflicted, some delivered by the ever helpful Felicity, has finished, Chastity needn't worry about any lack of wetness!

Technical: This scene has full sound, including Chastity talking to camera about the various ways she can enjoy soaking and filling her waterproof outfit. The scene is also all-action, with near constant soaking and pouring, so while the video is quite short, all of it is wet and messy action.

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