Wet Working Uniform
Starring the following model:
"Friday takes a swim in her combats and shirt"

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Being a diesel engineer, Friday's main uniform is of course a boilersuit, but sometimes she needs something just a bit smarter, while still practical. Which is where her dark blue combat trousers and pale blue shirt come in. Though she still eschews a tie, preferring the open neck look. And she's good enough that no-one quibbles with her choice of office attire.

Of course, being part of this household, she also rather likes to swim in her clothes. Which is where these photos and video come in!

First she splashes through the shallows in her union jack wellies, barely getting a splash on her outfit. But then she wades, slowly and carefully, into the deep pool below the viaduct, and no wellies are going to save her clothes here! Within a few steps both wellies are flooded, and then her trousers feel the steadily rising water as it englulfs her legs, and then her trunk. She wades in chest deep before turning and wading back out again so we can see her soaked trousers emerging from the water. On the shore, she empties the water out of her wellies, before wading straight back in, filling them again, going all the way to neck deep, and then going for a swim.

She plays in the water for a while, wading in and out, leaping in with great splashes, and swimming about, all still with her wellies on.

At the end she wades back out, poses on the bank, and climbs back up to the path above, still wearing her soaking wet clothes and water-filled wellies.

Friday flashes her infectious smile all the way through the set, she really does enjoy getting utterly drenched with her clothes on.

Technical: This scene has full original sound.
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