The Right and Wrong Game
Starring the following model:
"Right or wrong, she gets a gunging each time!"

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Total runtime:31 mins, 21 secs
Date added:4/07/12
Year produced:2009
Product ID:gm-2f47
Scene ID:3720
Veronica plays games in her dress!

Veronica wears a long, full-skirted formal bridesmaid's gown in rose pink, with white pumps.

Set features: Covering a formal dress in custard, Clothes filling, Custard down the cleavage, Gateaux slices down the front of her dress, Cake-sitting, Self-pieing, Custard poured over her head, and Self-gunging.

Veronica Ravenblack puts on her favourite rose-pink formal dress, and takes a seat in the dungeon to play our right and wrong game. For every question she gets right, she gets to place a slice of gateaux inside the bodice of her dress. For every question she gets wrong, she has to pour custard or syrup over herself, or inside her dress, in various ways.

Needless to say, after letting her put a drop a few slices of gateaux into her lovely dress, we rigged the questions. The dress gets totally coated in gunge, inside and out, and Veronica even pours cupfuls of custard over her head, including total face coverage at one point.

She also twice pulls the dress up at the front so we can see what's happening inside, where the custard poured into the front is dripping down between her legs and coating the inside of the back of the dress's skirt, and collecting in a pool on the floor.

With this download you get 616 photos, and three videos. The first video has full sound, Veronica answering various questions asked by an off-camera quizmaster, and then self-administering the appropriate punishment or reward for each answer she gives. She gets quite messy with lots of dress filling. The second video is silent and shows her completely gunging herself including a beautiful cake-sitting in her dress, and lots more gunge poured over herself. The third video is also silent and features the hose-down clean-up, with Veronica still wearing her gunge-drenched dress.

All three videos are tripod shot throughout, with occasional changes of angle in the second one to ensure all the details are captured. The photos cover the first and second videos.

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