The Cola Karada
Starring these models:
"Japanese Rope Bondage and denim cola-soaking with Lady Rose + Sister Graves"

The strict Sister Graves, an experienced rope bondage mistress, ties Lady Rose up in a full body karada, and then mercilessly drenches her in bottle after bottle of fizzy cola, while she's still bound and immobile.

Sister Graves wears a plain, severe, high-neck, ankle length, black cotton dress, with plimsolls, and black leather gloves.

Lady Rose wears bondage jeans, a bondage denim-and-mesh jacket, a see-through 'vampire' top, and a black swimsuit, also with black plimsolls. And gets tied up!

In the first video we see Sister Graves tying Lady Rose up in a perfect karada, immobilizing her completely. The second video features Rose, bound and helpless, being thoroughly drenched in cola by the good sister, including having it poured inside her see-through top. The third video features the hose-down, starting with Rose still tied up, and ending with her released from her rope prison, but still fully-dressed, soaking wet, and still being hosed down. All three videos are silent.

The main photoset features Rose being tied up and then cola-ised, and includes detailed close-ups, the second zip file contains 91 images from the hose-down, including bound and unbound shots, and close-ups of the soaking wet Rose sitting in the pool on the floor.

File count:5
Total size:941.47 MB
Total runtime:30 mins, 52 secs
Date added:2/24/12
Year produced:2009
Product ID:gm-2f41
Scene ID:3491
Includes these files:
1,305 Kbps
99.64 MB
10.7 minutes
1,304 Kbps
133.17 MB
14.3 minutes
1,306 Kbps
55.59 MB
5.9 minutes
Zip file of 535 photos
552.31 MB
sizes may vary
Zip file of 90 photos
100.76 MB
sizes may vary
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