The Hose Of Trickling
Starring these models:
"Sitting in slow-filling trays, who gets a wet bottom first?"

Dressed in jeans and t-shirts, Rosemary and Purity take their seats in deep plastic trays, with a slow-trickling hose between them. They play scissors-paper-stone, with the rules being that every time the winner changes, the new winner must stand up and turn round, so we can see how wet her jeans have got, and put the hose into the other girl's tray, where it remains, slowly but steadily adding more water, until she manages to win a round and take her turn standing up and swapping the hose back again.

Needless to say the rounds swap back and forwards quite frequently, so we get to see both girls go from dry, to just a little damp mark on their jeans, all the way through to soaking wet and sitting in several inches of water each time they sit back down again.

Once both trays are full and overflowing, they stand up and now take turns putting the hose down each other's jeans while still playing the game, until they and both totally drenched from the waist down. And then they set about each other's t-shirts, and generally hose each other down.

Lots of fun, and lots and lots of good views of the two girls getting wetter and wetter as the relentless hose keeps flowing.

Technical: The videos for this scene have full original sound throughout.

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