Rainwear Mess Test
"Veronica and Eliza make a real mess of each other!"

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Runtime:1 hours, 19 mins, 50 secs
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Veronica and Eliza have been asked to perform a full-saturation mess test on two suits of rainwear. They may be wearing waterproof clothes, but don't worry, both of them are about to get very messy indeed, inside and out!

They start off in gunge underwear, Veronica in a black and grey one piece swimsuit, and Eliza in a long sleeve, long-leg black Spandex catsuit. Before they put any other clothes on, they drop a slice of chocolate gateaux, and half a can of custard, inside the back of their respective suits, Eliza in particular continues to react as the cold wetness slips down inside her catsuit and collects under her bottom. Meanwhile Veronica realises she's forgotten her black Spandex leggings, and runs off to find them, mindful that she mustn't let the mess in the back of her swimsuit drip on the polished oak floors of the main hall.

Over their skin tight gunge underwear, they each slip on an oversized white t-shirt (those aren't going to be white for long!) and then start to put on their waterproofs. Trousers first, carefully pulled up and then tie each other's hoods on properly, so all you can see is their pretty faces, tightly contained in their waterproof hoods. Wellies complete the rainwear outfits.

And then the messing begins! Veronica takes a pie to the face to start, the a pie sandwitch, and then lots of custard poured all over her clothes. Meanwhile Eliza, who is initially testing the effects of gunge poured inside her waterproofs, is treated to a very thorough clothes filling, down the front of her trousers, down the back, her hood filled and then raised and splashed onto her head, and her jacket, done up again after being opened for the trouser fillings, filled too.

Both girls treat each other to fully mixed mess, custard, tomato soup, beans, they take it all.

Eventually it's decided that it's not really fair that Eliza has had her clothes completely filled while Veronica, though well splattered on the outside, is still pristine, clean and dry inside, and so the roles are reversed, and an unresisting Veronica suffers a totally messy fate at Eliza's hands, and is soon reduced to a similarly slippery mess with her trousers and jacket also well filled.

Originally shot in 2013 as a custom, this scene is now being made available to download. Not perhaps your usual gunge outfits, but these two girls really bring the scene to life with an amazing, and amazingly messy, performance. Waterproof fabrics are no barrier to a gunge-wild Saturation Hall girl getting herself very messy indeed!

Technical: This scene has full original sound throughout.
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