PVC, Puddding, and Pie!
Starring these models:
"Chastity and Friday plaster each other with custard in black catsuits!"

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Total size:2 GB
Runtime:29 mins, 25 secs
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Chastity, our gunge-crazy head gardener, and Friday, receiving her first-ever gunging, have a question which needs an answer. What is the best type of catsuit to wear for a thorough flanning, custard covering, and milk filling? So of course they each dress in their preferred version, and merrily set about each other with the mess!

Friday wears a long-sleeve, long leg catsuit, which fits her lovely figure perfectly, and she teams it with completely transparent "crystal clear" wellies, through which we can see her feet. Clean and dry for the moment, but probably not for long! Chastity takes a different approach. She dresses in a sleeveless short catsuit, with fishnet tights, and shiny black wellies.

Friday volunteers to take the first hits, and so in quick succession, Chastity delivers three firm flannings, one each to Friday's chest, trunk, and shapely bottom. These are rapidly followed up with two cartons of milk poured into Friday's catsuit at the neck, a little collecting in her transparent wellies, where we see the milk filling the boots, engulfing her feet, and rising till it overflows.

Next Chastity pour cartons of custard all over Friday's suit, and the willing victim helps to spread the mess all over her outfit, laughing as she slides custard coated hands across the shiny PVC, while Chastity pours more custard over her.

Needless to say, it's Chastity's turn next! Splat! Splat! Splat! go the flans, filled with custard and topped with squirty cream, one each to chest, trunk, and bum. Now it's Chastity's turn to have fresh milk poured into her bodysuit, some leaks through her fishnet clad legs, to collect in her nice black wellies.

The custard covering comes next, Chastity now being the willing helper in her own messing as Friday drenches Chastity's bodysuit and fishnets, and her bare arms, in lots and lots of custard, including using her hands to spread custard over Chastity's legs.

By the end of all this, both girls are completely coated in goo from the shoulders down, but their heads and lovely hair remains conspicuously clean. Clearly this will never do--it's pie sandwich time! A pie sandwich each, delivered firmly to either side of their heads and mashed in, and then a full custard shampoo each too, thoroughly mashed into their beautiful locks.

And then, to finish, the piece-de-resistance, a full milk facial each! A full carton of milk poured down each other's faces, Friday first, then Chastity, a complete deluge of white!

Which outfit is best for a thorough flanning? We're not really sure, so you'll have to watch the scene yourself and make your own mind up based on the evidence.

Technical: All the videos in this download have full original sound. As well as the 18 minute main scene in two parts, you also get the 10 minute hosedown clean-up, which starts with the girls still in their custard-coated catsuits and then sees them both strip to their swimsuits, while still being hosed down.
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From JRwet  3/17/16
can someone please fill my jeans .......

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