Messy Fun in Formals
Starring these models:
"Chastity and Friday give each other the treatment in beautiful gowns"

File count:7
Total size:2 GB
Total runtime:31 mins, 48 secs
Date added:2/16/17
Year produced:2013
Product ID:gm-2f156
Scene ID:21382
Take two beautiful young women, let them dress in gorgeous deep red formal gowns, and then watch and enjoy as they willingly reduce each other to wet, sticky, slimy messes!

Chastity and Friday each wear a lovely formal dress, Friday's deep burgundy, Chastity's a beautiful purple. Friday is the first to start giving her dress the treatment, she watches with interest as Chastity fills a deep silver tray with mixed custard, syrup and black treacle, topping the mix off with squirty cream, and then, completely unresisting, Friday carefully lowers her shapely bottom into it, utterly drenching the seat of her lovely gown and wiggling herself down into the mess for maximum coverage. Friday stands up again to show off the damage on the back of her dress, before sitting again and allowing the still completely clean Chastity to pour more and more mess into and down the front of her dress until it's been entirely drenched in mixed mess.

Of course fair is fair, so once Friday's dress is thoroughly messed, Friday stands and prepares a seat for Chastity, this time a defrosted chocolate gateaus with added golden syrup, which Chastity obediently wiggles her satin-clad bottom down into, before also standing up again and letting us see the messy results on the back of her dress.

Now it's chastity's turn to sit again, and Friday carefully and comprehensively fills Chastity's dress, pouring custard and other gunges down inside the front until damp stains are appearing from inside and Chastity is sitting in a pool of mess inside her dress.

Back and forth the gungings continue until both women are utterly drenched in mess. There's some barefoot gunge action, and both girls also receive full messy shampoos and custard facials.

What a lovely formal mess these two make!

Technical: All the videos in this scene have full original sound. You get the 25 minute long messy section in two parts, plus a separate 5 minute hosedown video, which starts with both girls still in their mess-drenched dresses, Friday keeps her dress on, at the end Chastity strips down to the black swimsuit she's wearing underneath. You also get 926 high-resolution still photos taken with a Nikon dslr camera.
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