Long Denim Skirt Drench
Starring these models:
"Willing wench Chastity doused in milk and water in a long denim skirt"

Originally a bonus scene for December 2015, watch as Chastity, dressed in a black Spandex swimsuit, floor-length blue denim skirt, and blue denim jacket, is first drenched in milk, and then doused with buckets of water, by Evelyne the cook.

Chastity, standing up, has her swimsuit filled with milk which floods out and all down the front of her skirt too. She turns round and has more milk poured inside the collar of her denim jacket, some wets through the jacket from inside, the rest flows out and down over back of her skirt, soaking it to match the already wet front.

After the milk, Chastity has buckets of water poured over her clothes, then more buckets thrown at her, front and back, and then finally she sits down and has a full bucket poured all over her head, further soaking her now-drenched clothes.

Evelyne, dressed in a black leather skirt, boots, and a black short-sleeved skirt, stays mostly dry but gets milky water slightly splashed over her leather skirt as she drenches Chastity.

Technical: The video has full original sound.

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User comments
From mwetm2012  6/27/16
I adore to see girls in wet long denim jeans skirt. You are so sexy and beautiful clothed in wet long denim jeans skirt and jacket. I like how to shine your wet long jeans skirt and I feel good when I see you with this wet clothes.

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