Competition Swimsuit Filling
Starring the following model:
"Friday fills her N S A legsuit with cream, cusard, and soup!"

File count:6
Total size:2 GB
Total runtime:20 mins, 13 secs
Date added:12/15/16
Year produced:2015
Product ID:gm-2f209
Scene ID:19186
One for the Spandex and skin-tight and swimsuit fans, watch as Friday, dressed in an N S A competition legsuit swimsuit, in black with blue highlights, completely fills and covers her suit with cream, custard, and tomato soup!

First she fills the front of her suit with cream, which initially doesn't show, and then starts to seep through the fabric at about waist height. She follows the cream with a can of tomato soup poured inside, and that causes the cream to flood through the crotch of the suit while the soup itself flows into her legs and gets trapped by the legsuit's rubberised leg hems, designed to prevent it sliding up when swimming.

Friday completely fills and covers her suit in mixed mess, and also gives herself a thorough messy shampoo as well. She is then hosed down and fully washes her hair with shampoo and conditioner, all while still wearing the swimsuit.

Being filled with gunge--it's what swimsuits are for!

Technical: Both videos for this scene have full original sound. You also get four zip files of high-resolution photos, the first features fully detailed clean and dry shots of Friday from all angles including rear views, and then the swimsuit filling, the second has the messy shampoo, the third has the start of the hosedown and the fourth has the shampoo and conditioner sequence.
Includes these files:
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Zip file of 267 photos
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Zip file of 264 photos
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