Chastity's Dungaree Buckets
Starring the following model:
"Our gardener gets thoroughly bucketed in her working clothes"

Dressed in denim dungarees, wellies, and a denim jacket, Chastity stands, all dry, by the riverbank. Should she go for a paddle? But that might get her clothes wet, so lets avoid that problem by getting her totally soaked where she is standing, so she'll already be nice and wet when she goes into the water.

Chastity has several full buckets of water thrown over herself from off camera, she turns round to have her back drenched once her front is completely soaked. Then, dripping wet, she goes for a deep paddle in the river with her wet clothes on, going all the way to neck-deep in the water. Then she comes out, poses on the bank dripping wet, and receives a few more buckets just to make sure she's completely wet through.

With this download you get a full HD video showing the bucketings and river paddle in full, plus a small high-res photoset. The video has full original sound.

File count:3
Total size:1.72 GB
Runtime:4 mins, 8 secs
Product ID:gm-2w79
Scene ID:25132
Includes these files:
113 photos
947.21 MB
sizes may vary
11 photos
104.78 MB
sizes may vary
23,822 Kbps
705.87 MB
4.1 minutes
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