Chastity Pie!
Starring the following model:
"Chastity pelted with pies, while wearing an eveningwear jumpsuit"

Chastity wondered what it would be like to be pelted with pies. So we showed her!

Chastity wears a silky evening-wear jumpsuit in black and cream, with bare feet, and has five pies thrown at her from off-camera. The first two are direct face hits, the remainder are aimed at her body. The pies are actually custard flans, custard and squirty cream on a sponge flan base, and are thrown hard and with no mercy, just as Chastity had requested. Her face gets well covered and her outfit gets beautifully splattered too. Once all the pies have been thrown she then thoroughly gunges herself with cartons of custard, including pouring it all over her lovely long hair, from where it also flows over her, until then completely clean, satin-clad bottom.

She completely covers and soaks her entire outfit in custard, pours custard on her feet, sits down in the pool of spilled mess on the floor, and finally poses, completely covered in custard and pie residue.

Chastity thoroughly enjoyed her pieing!

Technical: This video has full original sound throughout.

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